Mongo DBA/ Architect - Gurgaon

14/05/2015 12:10

Job Title- Mongo DBA/ Architect
Function- Technology
Work Experience- 6- 12 yrs
Reporting- Senior Architect
Work Location-Gurgaon

Skills/Background Required:

  • In-depth understanding of MongoDB, including replica sets and sharding
  • Strong operational experience in managing MongoDB cluster.
  • Architect database schemas and layouts.
  • Experience with MongoDB scaling across different datacenter.
  • Troubleshoot any problems that may come up with the database environments: performance issues, replication issues, or operational issues.
  • Establish and maintain backup and recovery processes.
  • Implement and maintain MMS (MongoDB Management Services).
  • Comfortable in using MongoDB tools like, mongostat, mongotop, mongoexport, mongoimport, mongodump,mongorestore etc.
  • Planning and creating resilient production environment.
  • Installing and configuring Apache/Nginx for specific needs. Adding and removing virtual hosts.
  • Postfix, MySQL, Nodejs, MongoDB, FTP clients, DKIM, OpenDKIM, git etc.


  • Experience in Git.
  • Good at scripting in PHP, Python, Ruby and Bash.



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